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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 11, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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assuming you have pockets. cold is the excuse we need to hug ourselves or pull out parkas. >> i have warmer pzu!&. these are heat warmers in pocket autos it's only 50. >> i know, but i'm freezing and i have five layers. >> on this day, cold is a state of mind mind. a reminder we do call this winter for a reason. >> does it make you wish for summer? >> no. not yet. >> not yet what. a brave, hearty-hardy soul she is. it was just crowded out here today, as any other day, even in summer time, then again, most of the people are from where it's really cold. live in vista point, wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> thank you. it's beautiful weather. >> spectacular and clear. >> in the central valley, farmers using running water to keep plants from freezing. and this is video from clovis,
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one farmer says he spent,/ $20,000 on covers to wrap bare tree autos traffic over the grapevine is flowing after another series of closures overnight because of snow. hundreds of drivers were stranded at either end of the mountain pass after patrol closed down lanes. snow and ice just made it too dangerous toto'= travel in that busy artery. >> following breaking news, police at canyon avenue and wellington street on east end of diamond canyon park. a body was found in the street. the man was apparently shot no, one reported hearing any gunshots here the scene. they said it's possible the and his body then left. >> and police continue to search for a prisoner who escaped being brought to highland hospital. sky 7 was over the scene there. officers went door to door. the hospital is located on east 31 street just south of abc 7 news is live in oakland
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with more now. nick? >> larry good, afternoon, police say the man they're looking for has a lengthy criminal history. í well, and may have had help escaping from police after making a run. they describe him as dangerous. police are looking for this man. a 31-year-old anthony hodgins. -- hodgkins. he escaped from deputies transporting him from the jail to the hospital, just before 10:00 a.m. and remains on the run. police say he likely planned his escape and an quickly when seeing a chance. >> we believe he man nip plating the skbaift leg restraints he was put in. so when he got here, he was able to take off, running. >> sky 7 hd was above the search. police officers stormed roof tops and we'ved through yards
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using k 9 units. >> the deputy able to chase him at this point. lost track, then, we're able to find his clothe autos officials say it's very dangerous and familiar with oakland. they're considering the possibility he may have had help after he ran. his uniform found not far from the hospital, suggesting he had clothes on the ready. >> this could have been prearranged or someone he knows in the neighborhoods. >> the sheriff's department released several mug hots today. he has a lengthy criminal record, which includes kidnapping. >> anyone that escapes from our custody no, matter what charges are, i consider that dangerous. abc 7 news learned he never made it to the hospital and made his escape from the loading dock. an investigation will check to see if locks were placed on him correctly.hqd >> nick, thank you. >> today faa announced it's reviewing the entire boeing
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fleet after a series of problem autos yes. you can see it's touching down at san jose international airport this, is the leading airline in japan this, is the first flight into san jose. just a -- went into to land here. >> right. we have more on the story from san jose. >> right. the landing and the takeoff were flawless today. despite safety concern was the relatively new 747s. dream liner received a hero's welcome, complete with a salute. the boeing 787 will link silicon valley and tokyo with a nonstop flight five days per week. >> they believe this is the game changer because time is money.
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>> the advances are not without problems. there have been three incidents involving the dream liner. a spill and a brake problem but former secretary of transportation is confident the aircraft is safe. and is a passenger on the inaugural flight which bares his name. >> whether it's software, or you always have a glitch in terms of what's happening. but seriousness is not one that warrants grounding of the plane. >> the faa announced it will conduct a thorough investigation. at times, questions surrounding safety overshadow the launch party fan fair but with a flight, takeoff was perfect. >> i'm not concerned about the safety this, is about a great
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day for san jose.4+!y and we're opening up to the world that. is really important for this valley. >> hope is that the five day per week nonstop flight will be a daily flight. and the demands will be there to support that. coming up we're going to peek the luxury. abc 7 news. >> thank you. and in our next half hour, at 4:30, we'll take a look at the problems this week with the dream liner and what officials are now saying about it's safety. >> prosecutors face a 5:00 p.m. deadline to file charges against these four people or they're going to be let out of jail. police say this womanwóq plotted to drive her estranged husband from the home, including staging a home invasion that went wrong when her husband stabbed one intruder to death.
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the husband was not arrested but his wife and her friends could be rearrested if police present more evidence to the district attorney. >> a/wx0z 19-year-old man jentsd to 27 years for his role in the gang rape of a girl outside of her home coming dance. he is the second of six defendants pleading guilty to charges stemming from that 2009 rape. last year, he accepted a plea deal sparing him a life sentence without possibility of parole. he was 16 at the time of the crime and will be ordered to pay restitution to the family. >> marin county sheriff deputies are investigating the city of marin's first homicide of the year. 17-year-old lavanelle williams was advise yigt relatives when gunned downatn. >> all of a sudden i heard. the boom, boom, woke me up. >> 911 calls poured in to
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report a boy had been shot. >> deputy as tempted first aid and cpr, however, personnel pronounced the subject deceased. >> the sister tells abc 7 news her brother was a good kid, turning 17 four days ago, caming to this public housing complex to live with his mom after moving from his father's he didn't know anyone here, being new korks have made him a target. >> we're not from out here. we're not from out here, you walk around, it's not okay. it's not okay. you have it worse than the girl autos neighbors think the teen was at the wrong place at the wrong time, his family had been attacked before. >> irworked with his family last year, people shot into the home. and had terrified the family. and i worked to try to get them a transfer out of marin city. >> i wish i knew who shot my brother. i don't know who shot my
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brother. >> authorities zront a description of the shooter. they're urging anyone with any information to contact the marin county sheriff's office. bay area crime stoppers is offering ath,y reward, tippers n remain anonymous n marin city, abc 7 news. >> our microphone, sorry. you're looking at the oil tanker that hit a support to you dwler week. >> the coast guard gave the okay after completing interviews and gathering evidence related to the collision. you can see the video here from sky 7. inspectors determined the raymar did not experience damage. the bay bridge has $2 million worth of damage, though. >> still ahaetd 4:00 thanks to your tips oakland police get a break in a bank robbery case. >> and facebook's mark zuckerberg wants to hear from you.
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>> and at 4:30, pim onchallenge in one stit help get rid of the reptiles. >> michael finney will answer your questions here live in just a few minutes. you can contact michael on as well as on twitter. m finney. >> and taking a look at san francisco skyway, it's your get away friday. but if heading towards east bay you're not going to get there too quickly. traffic heading south to the#uv peninsula and beyond moving better now. bettthey don't need one,
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we have breaking news in petta luma. sky 7 is over the worker found a body in a recycling center on petaluma boulevard south appearing to be in a pile of material going to be processed. no word yet on howtííq police on how they believe the body got there. there is a crew on wait to the scene. we'll bring updates at 5:00. >> police are praising the kmunlt for tip that's tlod arrest two of suspects bank robbers. it's a story you'll see only on abc 7 news. police asked for the public's help to identify a bank robber. the requests came through oakland's new text alert system. within hours, someone texted a name of someone that looked like this man arrested soon after. >> hopeful that using a system to become engaged and just say enough is enough. and report names and instances
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where firearm files violence sin solved is the goal here. >> in october, police became began using this tip watch system. >> how much would you pay to send a mess yj to facebook's ceo and founder, mark zuckerberg is in the company is testing a $100 charge allowing users to send a message directly into his inbox. now, if you don't pay, the message would land in another folder typically reserved for spam. the company is testing what they're calling extreme pricing to again rate another source for big bucks for facebook. the company is testing a $1 messaging charge to guarantee notes to nonfriends. >> how do we know he's going to read it?. >> yes, right. >> is the post office helping net flix? and good news for apple, google and kodak. >> emily chang is live with today's after the bell report. hi, emily. >> good afternoon, larry carolyn.
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tech companies and and there is a deal valued at over half a billion dollars part of the bid to avoid bankruptcy and a new twist in the at that time pathent battle we've been covering around the world. and get this. net flix, large kbreft u.s. mail order movie renlt service got special treatment from u.s. postal service discriminating against other companies according to a ruling today, the suit brought on by video game rent by mail service game fly in 2011 and could lead to changes in the way net flix movies are handled by postal service. voda phone says service is starting to return to normal after connection problems hit blackery customers impacting users in europe and the middle east. they blamed problems on a router error.
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research in motion shares jumping 14% today, the most since april 2009. and apple has hired xerox cfo as the new corporate controller, joining xerox just two years ago a former cfo of nokia networks. bevlt buy sales showing signs of improvement. holiday sales unchanged from last year, ending three quarters of declines. analysts say numbers will make it easier for0vrt founder richad shultz to make an offer to buy back the company. taking a look at broader markets, stocks ended the day mixed and little changed after banking stocks kept markets at bay. your bloomberg silicon valley index closed lower, apple, google and hewlett-packard some drags there. my favorite story of the day, glass door he received top 25
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odd ball interview questions for td new year.j4]7u technology companies have figured very prominently into the list. the top question of the year if you were to get rid of one state in the united states, which would be it be? why? came from forester research. google was a second question, how many cows are there in canada? talk about being put on the spot. i won't know where to start with that one. at bloomberg studios in san francisco, i'm emily chang, boou. happy friday. >> thank you. have a great weekend. >> how many cows are there? >> i don't know. you've got to get on that. >> what state do you want to eliminate? >> i think we can do without. >> sand kbratel is in for spencer christian today. >> yes. and tonight, yes. we're going with another cold night. bundle up tonight. the following night if you think tonight going to be cold we may be going to the a live
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picture is our east bay hills camera looking at mount diablo. a little bit of wind held temperatures up along the coast. tonight clouds so we'll have to wait and see. as to how much those numbers willyii÷ dro. one thing is sure, we have freeze warnings for inland valleys and frost advisories for the san francisco bay shore line, saturday, 2:00 to 8:00 a.m. you'll want to protect plants. you can see cloud cover he is spishlly down towards south day and monterey bay. we have a few clouds moving through to our north. here are the temperatures, it's 48 degrees in san francisco and livermore.4q'ç and san jose, fremont. it's cool out there.p> highlights, cold nights ahaechld sunny cold for weekend. dry, milder weather next week. we'll see a couple cold nights look at satellite
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and raida, more clouds coming up as this just skirts the coastline going into tomorrow morning. clouds may help to insulate it. this morning mid-20s, tomorrow morning may go only down to upper 20s so 11:00 p.m. you'll notice not a lot of cloud cover. but then, heading into 2:00 a.m. clouds just increased mid up ander level clouds so that may hold temperatures up. early into moshing clearing, mostly sunny skies for saturday afternoon. we'll keep it cool for your saturday afternoon. then, clearing and colder tomorrow night so sunday morning we may be talking about low to mid-20s. tomorrow morn goinging to drop down to 29 in livermore. 29 in nappa. 36 san jose. you can see oakland, san francisco half moon bay in the low 40s, more cloud cover near
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the coast. temperatures not as cold. tomorrow afternoon, upper 40s still in the coldest inland valleys. fairfield, 49 degrees .s half moon bay, 49. low 50s around the bay, near coastline but mostly sunny skies. 50 degrees in morgan hill. more cloud cover on the coast. game day forecast for the big match up, niners will be taking on the green bay packers going to be cold. accu-weather forecast cold mornings through monday morning. highs on the cool side. mostly sunny skies and then, look at pattern change, tuesday through friday, temperatures inching up, we're going get into low 60s around the bay thursday and friday. and by then, overnight temperatures
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will not be quite as low. >> this is a rare time when the forecast coincide was what other people are experiencing. this makes one of the few places in the world with vastly different types of weather. during abc 7 news special inside bay area weather, airing sunday evening at 6:30 here on abc 7 news. hopefully, you can join us, watch and learn something. >> that is something a lot of people are talking about. >> thank you. >> up next, she says she likes it. critics call the duchess of cambridge's first official portrait a royal mess. >> they're not just pretty faces how two miss america contestants are giving voice to major
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san francisco late wednesday, and they have been iconic figures. the 5-year-old has been hospitalized at california pacific medical center. and memorial services have not yet been announced. >> the first official portrait
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of the duchess of cambridge unveiled today in london. >> prince william and duchess catherine were on hand at the national portrait gallery take a look at the piece. >> award winning artist spent several months painting it saying he tried to portray her warmth and personality. she about three months pregnant. >> the duchess reportedly announced it as amazing. and. >> it looks like a photograph, doesn't it? >> and that is sort of a vaseline, gel look. >> critics take their pick for the very best in movies. >> explaining in today's entertainment report. >> most exciting time of the year is awards season, last night, critics picked their favorites.
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stars packed the red carpet, lincoln daniel debut loouis won best actor and jets jessica chastain won best actress for her work in zero dark thirty. >> when i'm interested in something and imtrying to get any trying to get my life. >> daniel and jessica uch for golden globes. otrc invited into the kitchen for what they'll be having for dinner. >> i wanted them to enjoy. this really cleans up a plate. >> the golden globes will be held sunday night ai. beauty queen invasion at planet hollywood in las vegas for miss america. marathon, tomorrow on liberal
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network. big show is saturday night on abc. thank you you know who will win os gar gold? share them with your friends on facebook. >> still ahead, u.s. mission in afghanistan, will soon shift of afghan president visits the white house, today. >> and live in city college, the fatest on efforts to keep a school up and running. >> and boeing's bad dream, the government reviewing the dream liner over safety concern autos wanted python hunters.
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it was a morning of protests with teachers demanding to know more about the future of the school. college is in danger of losing accreditation. >> we are live at city college with the latest on this. leanne? >> well, classes resume on monday. but teachers were here to listen to what the chancellor had to say about the prob pro gres the college is making. now, the college has been
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trying to come up with a stable, budget plan and has until march 15th to do so. chancellor confirmed they'll miss that deadline, but administrators are hopeful they can convince the state they're makingvz huge progress and close to resolving issues. they say theyjvcñ just need moe time. about 200 teachers and students marched today to try to force administrators to include them in their decisions of concern is prop a, passed here in san francisco. that will bring $14 million per year to help prevent layoffs and restore classes. >> we want accountability. and we want respect. >> prop a money will be utilized in the appropriate fashion. and they believe it's contained to do so. it will. will be utilized appropriately. >> now, that money won't be available until the end of the
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year, the college has been told by the state it must work as hard as it can, and as quickly as it can on that plan. including increasing it's financial reserves. live in city college abc 7 news. thank you. >> head of the faa says he's confident the boeing is safe but remains concerned about recent incidents this week. today, the agency laumpbled a review of the critical systems including design. abc news reporter has more from washington, d.c.. >> called the dream liner, boeing 787. and it has the most cutting edge technology in the sky. but recent incidents raised warning flags. officials announced a comprehensive review. critical systems of the aircraft including design,
4:33 pm
manufacturing, and assembly. >> boeing's newest aircraft, dream liner remains on electrical signals. it is made with carbon fiber instead after lum anymore allowing to it get better fuel mileage. officials insisted the plane is safe but in last week, significant causes for pmp three foot long crack in the cockpit wind yof a 76 767 -- 787 flying in japan. also, this week a boston to tokyo flight delayed due to a fuel leak but if issues with the systems raised most concern. >> it's a very good battery. we're not sure what happened witness. >> some said a big issue for boeing is that it outsourced more manufacturing process than it had for other parts of the fleet. >> these are not an issue of
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the out sourcing. >> during a review, dream liner can continue to fly. >> we believe this is a safe aircraft. >> hopefully that is reassuring for thousands of passengers on board more than 150 dream liner flights per day. abc news, washington. >> president he obama welcomed afghan president hamid karzai afghan president hamid karzai to the white housemi plans for a draw down of u.s. troops in afghanistan. saying the u.s. will shift to a support role. change is expected this spring and will allow the u.s. too begin withdrawing some of the 66,000 troops currently deployed to afghanistan. mr. obama says changes will speed up plans to end the war by the year 2014. >> devastating blows we've struck against al qaeda, our core objective. reason we went to war in the first place is now within ensuring al qaeda can never again use afghanistan to launch attacks against our country.
4:35 pm
>> the president said any agreement on draw downs must include an immunity agreement where u.s. troops are not subject to afghan law. >> vice president biden bhet a group from the video game industry wrapping up a week of conferences about gun violence and safety. electronic arts represented in redwood city. many of the games have been criticized for glamourizing gun violence. ride biden said the school shooting in newtown made just about everyone rethink violence in the culture it shocked consciousness of the american people. like... six and 7-year-old kids being riddled with bullets in a classroom z a neighborhood and an area that was considered to be immune to this kind of behavior. >> biden plans on delivering recommendations on curving gun violence by tuesday. >> an overpopulation of pythons is prompting the state of florida to launch a month
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long snake hunt. authorities estimate there are nearly 150,000 pim on ons -- pythons living in the ever glades. the problem so bad owning one is now against the law. experts say incidents of having them as pets and set them loose is caution problem autos starting to come back into civil saigs looking for easy food. our pets. that is what they're feeding on. cats, small dogs. >> some 500 people have signed up for what they're calling python challenge. no snake hunting experience is necessary. no license is needed just a gun or a knife.2;÷ whoever catches the longest snake will win $1,000 assuming the snake doesn't catch him, first. whoever catches most gets 1500s oodz signs the flu outbreak has in the yet reached california is hitheading our way. we'll have a live report here in the bay area. >> and feel free to call it red and golden gate bridge.
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at least through tomorrow. >> i'm michael finney. today, 7 on your side's q and a just head. you can contact me right now at finney abc 7 and on twitter at m finney. i'll answer questions live later. >> i'm sandhya patel. plook taking a look at the east bay hills camera, we can see clouds out there. the role they'll play in keeping up tonight, coming up. >> and another view of those clouds from the bridge. things moving along nicely here for travelers making their way, taillights you can see are heading
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these toll collectors have a new uniform, 49ers provided the golden gate bridge with apparel for their toll collectors to wear. they get a chance to make i huge impression on drivers. they're the first people drivers see when yernting san francisco. they'll wear the gear through tomorrow, and presumably if niners beat packers saturday, then, they can wear them again, next week. >> would be nice. fans showing us their team pride head of the playoff game. we've saved number of photos of young fans like little alex here dressed up in niners gear. >> and gary lee sent thus
4:41 pm
picture, everybody knows he's a big fan, where goes in that humvee. wow. nice paint job there. us. and that is a vehicle that is gorgeous. >> jed york should get a hold that have thing. >> exactly. >> going to be cool for the playoff game. >> yes. sabda patel is in for spencer christian. not going to rain, right? >> no. we'll call it a winning forecast. dry, cold. upper 40s and then dropping into mid-40s and mostly clear skies for that game. showing you clouds around, but no rain to speak of. weekend looking g we do have freeze warnings for the north bay, east bay valleys and santa clara valley from 2:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. saturday. freeze damage possible to sensitive plants and crops. now, bay shore line indicated by light purple here under a
4:42 pm
frost advisory. temperatures expected to dip down low to mid 30s and don't forget pets heading into saturday morning. it's going to get colder heading into sunld morning. tonight clouds hold temperatures up a little bit compared to last night. 29 degrees tomorrow afternoon in is a tao. heading to los angeles, mid to upper 50s. they do have hard freeze warnings towards san diego. and sacramento temperatures tomorrow morning. 47 in you're yeeka. we're not the only ones dealing with cold, tomorrow afternoon, keeping it cool. upper 40s to low 50s so mostly sunny saturday. outdoor plans on sunday look great. will be dry but you'll feel cold weather again, sunday morning with low to mid-20s expected then. and possibly monday morning. >> still ahead on abc 7 news
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at 4:00 new guideline for a lung cancer screening. >> one contestant making history in tomorrow's miss america pageant. the disorder she's overcome and her message to young girls. >> i'm michael finney. ever wonder how much a house sells for in your neighborhood? so does s
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checking healthy living news research suggests women with weight loss surgery should wait more than a year before getting pregnant and found 31% of pregnancies within 18 months of the surgery ended in spontaneous mischarge but drops to 18% after 18 months. experts say women should receive advice and information before becoming pregnant and care should be kblajed by a team of experts touring their pregnancy. >> american cancer society recommends yearly ct scans for older heavy smokers. aimed at smokers aged 55-74. doctors say there is evidence to recommend the scans which could cut the risk of dying from lung cancer by 20%. those scans are not covered by insurance.
4:47 pm
160,000,000 people die every year from lung cancer in the us use one contestant is making history. >> she's diagnosed with autism. the 18-year-old says she used to spend hours alone in her room, refusing to talk to anyone. she says she was ridiculed lñ impediment ask shyness. >> i was alone, i barely hung out with anyone. i would stay in my room for hours not just wanting to talk to anyone. the girl you're seeing now is not the same girl would you have saw 10 years ago. i have overcome so many of symptoms. >> she credits her family with helping her become more comfortable with herself, saying that enables her to try new thing autos another contestant made a difficult decision, miss district of columbia plans to undergo a dubt mast yekt my she's taking
4:48 pm
the action to reduce chances of developing breast cancer mother, grandmother and great aunt. she's 24 and her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 27. >> you can see how she they do in the competition tomorrow night at 9:00 right here on abc 7. >> michael finney here answering questions sent to you by facebook, twitter and e mail. eric asking how can i find out how much a house sold for in my snaibd. >> you can go to the assessor's office, talk to a realtor. or there are three online sources many people go to, zillow, trulia, and we'll have a link on the web site. these often disagree with each other, but will be lb close. bit way, takes about 90 days
4:49 pm
for information to get from the sale to the court house and back, online. >> charles s asks i'm curious why i pay sales tax on insulin from the pharmacy but not veterinarian's office. >> if the vet gives a service and hands you medication it'sñ2f considered a service according to the state z you don't have to pay tax on it. if you show up and just buy it, then, it's a product you and must pay sales tax. and i'm in the justifying rules just telling you what they are. >> a twitter user asks is it legal for the yorn of a moving company to get half tips to employees? >> no. >> nope. here is the deal. it gets complex. say no, it's no. you would have to talk to the state about this.qooo and... industrial relation pemz are fabulous. but people that get the tip get to keep it.
4:50 pm
if you're wrk place has pooled tips, the rule for restaurants is only those that come in direct contact with the customer can be part that have pool. so the waiter, the people cleaning up tables maybe a ñ:h:der. up tables maybe a but not the pechl in the back. and not the owners and not the managers. so this gets shaky. generally, no. no. >> call up, get their fak on it from the state. industrial relations are fabulous. >> depends on which business you're dealing with. >> thank you. >> sure. >> up next, the nation being hit hard by the flu. how is california being affected here? >> in walnut creek what do california, mississippi and hawaii have in common? centers for disease control ask z have a map showing red,
4:51 pm
yellow and green. we'll explain coming up live. >> coming up at 5:00 stopping statements uttered in court by a one time death row inmate now accused of killing his mom. >> and a fight the governors budget officials explain why they cannot guarantee college
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4:54 pm
cvc -- cdc is out with statistics on nationwide outbreak of flu. >> california is not hit hard yet bit flu but we're live in a kaiser hospital with a look at signs it's on the way. >> yes. yorkts say it women probable will be i hard to avoichld here they're running low, and it's late in the season to be getting that sholt. still, people are just now coming in for their vaccine. >> one, two. three. >> tom has never had a flu shot before but today, he got his first. after witnessing his 23-year-old son swufrt virus. >> my son just got really
4:55 pm
sick. said dad, i'm deathly ill. he said for three days. i said it's time to get vaccinated. >> at kaiser, the pediatric drop in flu shot clinic reopened today. demand went up. dr. randy bergin says people came just in the nick of time. supply is low. >> we're looking to try to find vaccine that is still available on the market most of the vaccine has been purchased in this country. >> this map shows how it's most severe in the eastern red states and how california, mississippi and hawaii in gene still have relatively fewer cases. in froomt yont urgent share this,tuex doctor jorz that map does reflect what he has seen in terms of flu case autos i haven't seen the great uptick we're hearing about. we're getting ready to brace for that. >> he says if more people like
4:56 pm
rodriguez are getting vaccinated that might not be enough to avoid a larger outbreak. >> i would throw out the caveat seems like numbers are going down, at least. >> another prevention tip from zonner he says there is evidence that zinc might be preventative supplement you can take. and hates worked for him. >> thank you. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm carolyn johnson. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you. breaking news in a plant has workers make discovery of a body in the trashánb-
4:57 pm
>> another night of freezing cold conditions and warnings you need about going into the weekend. >> the way people are being targeted for phones in one city this, is a story you'll see only on abc 7 news. >> a seek ree cycling center turns up a grisly discovery, a body found among all of the trash. >> this story just now unfolding this afternoon. >> the sheriff's department says a bod yes was found this afternoon at novato disposeal services business on petaluma boulevard off highway 101. sergio, what have you learned?. >> there is not a lot of information coming from the ík know is that body wad here at the site that is a q in petaluma. that body found about 1:45
4:58 pm
this afternoon. let's show you video we have sky 7. a different perspective on the ground here.aó3ú a quick conversation with workers on scene tell me the body found inside of a large building on si. and there is a front end loader. that big building is where materials are taken to be sifted zplu where materials are brought to be sortd. you can see lots of unmarked vehicles. the sheriff department is on scene, they're trying to determine how the body got here. unfortunate lirks as mentioned they're not offering a lot of information just yet. i can tell you that just in the last few minutes we've noticed a few investigators putting on suits and then, going into that building are where the body was found this, is an investigation they're still trying to put the basic pieces together on. we don't know if this is some kind of a
4:59 pm
homicide investigation or accidental situation. there is not a lot of information just yet. >> thank you. >> we have breaking news now out of clayton. seven people are injured in a school bus collision there. is the view from sky 7 hd. the accident happened in clayton road about 3:30 this afternoon. the bus carrying 30 students from diablo view middle school. some are being picked up by parents. >> now, our other top story tonight, cold snap could spell big trouble for state citrus crops, farmers are covering their plants with blankets and are running wind machine autos temperatures dropped to 20s today in areas here in the bay area as well. so what about tonight? >> that


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